FAQ Baligumans

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how to find the perfect property and appropriate facilities you would expect during the holidays.

a. Browse and open the page of villa you want, one or two villas, and then send a request by email provided in the confirmation column after booking a villa and let one of our villa specialists assist you with your choice. b. Our villa specialists will review the availability, answer your questions and discuss the best options for your trip. c. In the meantime, a specialist in Baligumans can begin reviewing villa availability for your dates and destination. d. A rental contract is published and we will ask for a deposit for secure your holiday dates, because each villa must secure booking your dream villa for holiday dates. e. Once the villa has been secured, a final document will be presented confirmation prior to arrival to confirm everything that has been set up, plus to provide all the contact information you need on the site. f. When you arrive, there will be someone to pick you up or take you to your destination (villa). g. After being in the villa, you are handed the keys, given some information tour and then go to enjoy your holiday.

What are the Advantages of Baligumans?

If you decide to book the property, during the holidays with baligumans we let you customize your vacation experience with additional services. BaliGumans has some good restaurants to offer you. Even has all of your favorite foods and serve a special dinner on the night of your choice. And you can use a discount voucher from the restaurant was and all are part of the services offered by BaliGumans.

How to get airportshutle service and if we get a special service after arrival at the destination (Airport)?

We offer our clients to be able to assist you in using the shuttle transportation from the airport to the villa or otherwise, and shall be governed by our staff before you travel. When you arrive, we let you know exactly how to get to the property. management or villa specialists will be there to guide you through the ins unique (Mr Jhon - Villa BaliGumans). You can also call Baligumans team if you need help.

Do villa is equipped with air conditioning?

It depends on the location and time of year you rent a villa. Some villas may have an open style while the other bedrooms has its own air conditioning. Please refer to pages villa suitable for precise information.

Are there any restrictions regarding children?

It depends on the owner and location of the villa is unique; if the villa is situated on a cliff, for example, or filled with glassware. Some owners can put an age restriction or seek a reduction liability. Please refer to pages villa suitable for precise information.

Is there a minimum stay per night?

Yes, depending on the policy for a minimum stay is usually 2-7 days. These figures are generally flexible and vary depending on the season or villa for rent. With a minimum amount per night, guests can still fluctuate throughout the year, particularly during peak periods of the season. Usually a night stay at the minimum price during high season period.

Is there a weekly rate?

No, all our rates on a pro-rata basis per night.

Is there an extra charge for daily meals

Some villas usually have a restaurant, while others have their own meal plan options. With a choice of meal plans range from $ 50- $ 300 / person / day. Depending on the villa, some offering staff to pre-stock your fridge every day, with a bill for the cost of the food served to you at the end of your stay. And some truly independent villas do not provide these facilities.

Is it possible that there are additional costs if there is a later addition?

Yes, if there is sufficient space. If there is a charge per guest or per bedroom, you'll be charged for an extra charge.

Is the pool facilities we can for other guests?

Most of our villas have their own private pool. Sometimes, some may be shared with other guests at a small villa community.

Can we hire a cook for us at the villa?

Most of the villa we have the option to add a cooking services which are not included with the cost varies, depending on your destination.

Who will we contact for any circumstances if we need information, during our stay at the villa?

Depending on the villa, there may be a property manager or owner who lives on the property or contact BaliGumans also provided to you when you are traveling.

Do you have a recommendation villa is located not far from the beach and can be reached by foot?

Please visit our home page to see some of our featured villa has beach view.

Would you be able to become a member in BaliGumans?

Yes. You can also sign up to be a BaliGumans membership, and our specialists will send you our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on new properties and vacation deals to suit the season. Our villa specialists are also always willing to make recommendations based on your specific needs with discounts, promotions, and reward points.

Is the unit price for the villa per person?

No, all prices have the whole villa Rates per night may be listed by some of the bedrooms, only in part empty room deals that never rented to another guest.

is there a refund if the holiday is canceled?

No Refunds If a guest does not arrive on the day of arrival. Only given if there are restrictions on entry villa. Payment will also be refunded 20% if guest cancellation of villa booking before 90 day of arrival date.

Do you offer discounts and promotions?

Discount is the policy of the owner of the property and we will advertise when they are being offered. Discounts may also be considered for a stay longer than 14 nights and will be evaluated on a case by case. Promotion is the policy of the party BaliGumans held every week in the form of Fresh Deal Villas of the weeks.

How much privacy do you get in the villa?

Most of our villas provide comfort like your own home, which is a private units which specialize to you and your guests.

Is it possible to make a wedding ceremony at the villa?

If you can help to organize events in the wedding ceremony? depending on villa and location. Some of the villas are usually already have a weding coordinator or from outsider.

Who cleans the villa? whether the maid is also included?

Some of the villas we have had helpers, including a price that was listed, and frequency depending on the nature of the individual, please check the villa page for all the details.

Do you have any suggestions (some places the best restaurant in Bali)?

Please visit our partnership that will suit all the different information about Restaurants offered each area. And a villa specialist can also suggest some villas suitable for the type of holiday you are looking for.

Is there internet access there?

All our villas have Internet access; connection speed, cost and equipment provided vary. Please visit the villa suitable for all information.

Can you provide references from previous clients?

Yes, by requesting from our villa specialist to reference from you from our clients who have rented the villa with us before.

How I do rent a villa

Renting a villa starts with a simple request for information. You can contact us or use the website. On each villa Web page, you'll see a button which will direct you in more detail and some of the villas as you want about your travel plans. To tell us about your interest. We took it from there, assign a villa specialist to guide you through choosing the best villas based on your needs and dates. Please contact BG property villas rental directly through email or phone. We will need information such as what villa you would like to book, dates, and payment details. If you want your reservation to be confirmed immediately, you will have to make a payment in full. If you would like to make a reservation and pay later, your booking will be held for 5 days. If you don’t make a payment within 5 days of your reservation, your booking will be released.